Introducing the iXRS AirDRc System - a fully automatic digital radiographic system providing state-of-the-art image quality, image processing and user interface; making the system easy to use and reliable while providing high quality digital radiographic images with reduced dose.  The iXRS AirDRc comes complete with a radiographic stand that has four motorized joints, and automatic positioning can be accomplished by preprogrammed data which can be easily reprogrammed by the operator.


Total of seven safety sensors are located over U-arm, detector and tube side to protect against collision with patient or obstacles to control the speed or stop the positioning. The iXRS AirDRc System has been specially developed for moderate budgets and small spaces. A fully digital workflow, convenient auto-positioning, and advanced image processing, make this versatile system a sensible choice.


Specification - Automatic Radiographic Stand


√  Fully automatic motorized movement

√  Ergonomic and convenient handling

√  Automatic move to pre-defined positions for the most frequent applications

√  Safety features protect against collision with patient and obstacles

√  Supports forced air cooling for tube assembly and manual tube rotation

Trusted X-ray Source


The core part of x-ray source adopts high quality tube assembly (VARIAN, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA), motorized x-ray collimator, HV cable assembly and iXRS AirDRc's high frequency x-ray generator which has worldwide reputation on excellent performance, lifetime and stability. Touch screen x-ray control console provides user-friendly interface and easy technique selection. Automatic collimator supports high accuracy for selected x-ray field size over any SID.


Mobile Patient Table


√   Mobile table designed for conventional radiography applications

√   Motorized collimator with dual leaf

√   Automatic x-ray field size control corresponds to varying SID

√   User adjustable lamp timer with on/off switch (supports software control) 

Introducing the AirDRc - the innovative low-dose DR from iCRco. The durable, cassette-size AirDRc is  backed by powerful image acquisition software and comes equipped with new fail-safe protection features like the fastest AED on the market and single-sensor technology.


Constructed out of solid and sturdy carbon fiber, the AirDRc has achieved a high Water and Dust rating of IP42. Meaning the panel is protected from outside dust particles, and if accidentally wet, an engineering implementation will protect the panel and prevent the circuits from shorting out. High DQE ensures exceptional image quality every time, while patients experience the lowest possible dose. Cesium crystals are grown directly on the TFT to eliminate the adhesion layer and deliver maximum efficiency and image quality. The flat-panel detector's WiFi connection allows practitioners the freedom to capture difficult or unusual x-ray projections with ease. Use only the best with the AirDRc.


Air DRc
AirDRc Cesium
Air DRc brochure
iXRS Air DRc brochure

A fully automatic DR system providing whole diagnostic radiographic studies with moderate budgets and small spaces



Outstanding image quality based on digital flat-panel detector and digital image processing which optimized for each projection



CsI (Cesium Iodide) screen features 20% lower dose than GOS screen

Trustworthy x-ray source: High quality x-ray tube assembly and high frequency x-ray generator




Automatic motorized radiographic stand, remote controller, mobile patient table




Motorized collimator automatically controls x-ray field size corresponds to varying SID




DICOM 3.0 networking interface includes Worklist, Print, Store,and Query for integration with any PACS or RIS


Two removable high resolution grids and AEC sensor are provided as standard




Touch screen graphic interfaces are adopted at radiographic stand controller and x-ray controller




Imaging software with convenient user interface and various functions

Just selection of an anatomical study on the imaging software automatically sets up the following:


Pre-programmed exposure technique setting of x-ray generator

Automatic radiographic stand positioning

Automatic x-ray collimation

Digital image processing for selected study


Performance HF X-ray Generator

Specification HF X-ray Generator

 Remote Diagnosis

Remote diagnosis function enables fast and accurate diagnosis on problems and saves service cost and downtime. 

The iXRS-AirDRc comes with an integrated touch screen console which enables easy control of the radiographic techniques and stand positioning. The operator can also identify the digital x-ray image on the integrated touch screen console .

The GUI of the integrated touch screen console automatically rotates in correspondence to the rotation angle of the U-arm.

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iCRco takes XC acquisition software to new levels with its all new ICE-3 processing, the next level of image clarity enhancement. XC provides simple and intuitive workflow while ICE-3 provides you with consistently high image quality you need to support your diagnosis, while saving you both time and effort. Depend on XC and ICE-3 to provide the quality and assurance you need today's fast paced healthcare system. 


XC Air DR image