Introducing the latest in DR innovation from iCRco, the AirDRc. A fully-ruggedized, cassette-size, wired flat-panel DR engineered for the modern healthcare professional. The detector provides integrated AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) which allows for seamless, retrofit integration and no-hassle implementation into your practice.


Constructed out of solid and sturdy carbon fiber, the AirDRc has achieved a high Water and Dust rating of IP42. Meaning the panel is protected from outside dust particles, and if accidentally wet, an engineering implementation will protect the panel and prevent the circuits from shorting out. High DQE ensures exceptional image quality every time, while patients experience the lowest possible dose. Gadolinium Plus scintillators allow iCRco to provide the maximum performance with most cost efficiency available. The flat-panel direct connect image transfer ensures the fastest way to transfer  x-ray projections with ease. Use only the best with the AirDRc.




iCRco Image Acquisition Software

Air DR C

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iCRco takes XC acquisition software to new levels with its all new ICE-3 processing, the next level of image clarity enhancement. XC provides simple and intuitive workflow while ICE-3 provides you with consistently high image quality you need to support your diagnosis, while saving you both time and effort. Depend on XC and ICE-3 to provide the quality and assurance you need today's fast paced healthcare system. 


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