iCRco checks in with the Dream Center Los Angeles

​GOLETA, CALIF. – May 03, 2017 – iCRco, a worldwide leader in medical-imaging products, just checked in with the Los Angeles Dream Center. In 2014, iCRco partnered with the Maximized Living Foundation to setup a chiropractic clinic that provides patient care to over 500 patients per week. At the center of this clinic is iCRco’s iDR digital imaging system and Clarity PACS platform. They are using this system to acquire and archive high resolution DR images for the purposes of supporting the sick and needy in the greater Los Angeles area. According to the latest report from the Maximized Living Foundation, the chiropractic clinic has seen over 90,000 patients and scanned over 425,000 digital x-rays since its 2014 grand opening.


“It is an honor to contribute our technology towards such a profound cause.” said, Douglas Vail, Senior Marketing Manager. “The Maximized Living team has been a long time partner of ours. When they invited us to partner up to support the Dream Center, we didn’t hesitate.” Vail added, “We are proud to learn the many ways our system has helped those in critical need.”


The Dream Center is a volunteer-driven organization that finds and fills the needs of over 40,000 individuals and families through approximately 70,000 encounters each month, with many accessing multiple services. The Maximized Living Foundation is an organization that provides chiropractic healthcare to the best health centers, and first tier organizations around the world. iCRco joined this team to provide free healthcare to those is critical need. The system used at the Dream Center is the iDR digital imaging system and Clarity PACS platform.


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“The iDR scanning DR system has been a very successful product for us.” Vail added, “We always look for ways to pull costs out of healthcare by providing a high-end imaging solution at a substantially lower cost than traditional DR systems. We are grateful that we could give back to the city of Los Angeles, the city where iCRco started.”


About The Company

Founded in 1990 by Stephen Neushul, iCRco, inc. has introduced a full range of digital-imaging solutions to serve medical imaging professionals. Pioneering introductions include the first single-plate digitizer to have True Flat Scan Path™ technology, iCRco now offers a full range of digital-imaging solutions, including CR, DR, cone-beam CT; image-acquisition, practice-management, and image-archiving software. For more information, contact Doug Vail, iCRco Senior Marketing Manager at (310) 921–9559 Extension 562 or at vaild@icrcompany.com