GOLETA, CALIF. – June 8, 2017 – Signal NDT, Inc. a division of iCRco, Inc. that designs digital imaging systems for non-destructive testing (NDT) focused towards Aerospace, Power, Oil & Gas, X-ray Inspection, Security etc. has just announced its introduction into the global market. Launched in 2017, Signal NDT, Inc. is directed by a team of industry leaders with an accomplished legacy of delivering precision imaging products since 1990. Signal NDT's core competencies are in the specialized development and manufacturing of imaging systems and software.

“This is a very exciting announcement for iCRco.” said, Abhinav Singh, Global Sales Manager. ”In today’s competitive arena, it’s imperative that iCRco remains dynamic, diverse, and innovative.”

Signal NDT, Inc. guarantees quality throughout the life cycle of our products with a dedicated international network of experts on hand to give support; from drawing up specifications through to production and in-service support. Signal NDT, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures everything in its factory in California, USA. 

“We have the most advanced ruggedized devices for the application and our patented true flat scan path technology is still unmatched in the industry." said, Singh. "We also expect to launch our NDT DR suite later this year."


About The Company

Founded in 2017 by Stephen Neushul, Signal NDT, Inc. offers a full range of digital-imaging solutions designed to serve non-destructive testing (NDT) focused towards Aerospace, Power, Oil & Gas, X-ray Inspection, Security etc. Pioneering introductions include the first single-plate digitizer to have True Flat Scan Path™ technology; iCRco’s NDT division now offers a full range of digital-imaging solutions.


For more information

Abhinav Singh at (310) 921–9559 Ext. 501 or at asignh@signalndt.com